Course curriculum

  • 1

    Virtual Selling: Best practices of 2021's top sales producers.

    • Introduction: How Virtual Selling Can Immediately Increase Your Sales During the Pandemic Recovery.

  • 2

    How to look and sound your best on every virtual sales call. ​ You will learn how to immediately improve how you appear and sound online.

    • Virtual Selling - Affordable Lighting and Audio.

    • Recommended Outside Reading - 4 Tips for Virtual Sales Success

  • 3

    How to record and present HD and 4K video plus record, edit and deliver crystal clear audio on each sales call

  • 4

    Discover the best and most affordable virtual selling platforms.. Hint, the first two are free.

    • 2021's Very Best, Affordable Virtual Selling Platforms.

    • Recommend Outside Reading: Top Free Video Conferencing Software.

    • Recommended Outside Reading: Comparison- The Best Video Sales Conferencing Software in 2021

  • 5

    How to record and share each virtual sales call. Help your clients share information with their boss and co-workers.

    • Uber Connect, A Great Free Tool to Both Record and Follow-up .

    • A Cinematographer’s Guide to Looking Good During Video Sales Calls.

  • 6

    The most powerful secret about successful virtual selling.

    • Learn the one virtual sales tactic that will deliver record sales and is absolutely free.

    • Recommended Outside Reading: Increase Sales During the Pandemic Recovery .

  • 7

    How sales experts get creative with Zoom and deliver remarkable virtual sales calls every time. Plus learn how to easily send beautiful, virtual handouts.

    • Transform Each Virtual Sales Call to a Fun, Creative Masterpiece by Leveraging Zoom + Other Less Famous Presentation Tools.

    • Recommended Outside Reading: Zoom Meetings: 10 Tips and Tactics you Should Know.

  • 8

    Expertly manage each virtual sales presentation resulting in more closed business - in 1/3 less time.

    • How 2021's Top Virtual Sales Producers Manage their Virtual Client Meetings

    • Recommended Outside Reading: Virtual Selling Strategies to Close More Deals

  • 9

    The best practices from 2021's virtual selling experts!

    • Immediately Improve How You Look and Sound on Zoom Plus How to Use Free, Creative Virtual Backgrounds.

    • Recommended Outside Reading: Lights, Camera, Action: How to Look and Sound Great in Virtual Meetings and Events

    • E Book: How to Write a Sales Email that is Opened, Read and Acted upon. ..Weather You're Writing an Email to a Single Customer or 100,000.

    • Recommended Outside Reading . E Book: Sales Persistence is the Key to Success in 2021: Chapter 10, How to Increase Sales During the 2021 Recovery